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In response to: PsychoCoder's "Is There More to Life than Programming?"


  Great post and a great question posed.  Is there more to life than programming? I don't know, but I do know there are ways to "entertain" ourselves that actually make us better.

  Rather than answer the question directly, I would introduce my frame of reference.  Everything in life to me goes back to creating things or destroying things.  As coders, we create (hopefully) something beautiful to us and those around us.  It gives us meaning and when we cannot create things, we feel lost.  Coding is very much a part of my life.  I follow the methodology that athletes do. When they participate in one sport, if they cross-train into other things, it actually improves their abilities in their sport! For example, runners will actually see improvements in their times if they also swim! 

  In the same way I feel we can become better at what we do by reaching out to other things in life.  For me, learning how to lead (both as a developer and in the military) helps me to be a better programmer because it improves my social skills.  Painting, drawing or building (fixing things in the house even) helps me to be better at what I do. I participate in sports because it increases my decision-making abilities and response time.  It is also the participation on a team.  You don't win as an individual, but you win as a team. You lose as a team. In the same way, (where I work) we get "wins" (completing an iteration with all stories passed) as a team.  We lose as a team.  We get better as each of us gets better.  When I read to become a better programmer, I don't just read programming books.  I look for books that will help me become a better person.  I read books on goal-setting and leadership.  I read books such as "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill for goal setting, or "How to Grow Leaders" by John Adair to learn how to mentor others more effectively.  Leading leaders is like herding cats, it is not an easy task.  To put it in the words of John C. Maxwell, "You can't just say, 'Cats...follow me.'" 

  I guess I am getting a little offtrack.  What I am trying to say is that there IS more to life than coding, and some of those things will help you be a better coder.

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# re: In response to: PsychoCoder's "Is There More to Life than Programming?"

It's too bad there is no tax write off for those things that make me better but are not directly related! ;D
4/6/2008 1:42 AM | The Fervent Coder
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