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Interface based Development

This is a great article on the benefits of interface based development. I might be doing a presentation on that when I go to Tulsa TechFest in October, so you might be seeing more blog posts than normal by me.


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# re: Interface based Development

DBC and IBD have nothing to do with each other. Just because you follow IBD doesn't mean you're doing DBC. DBC is all about enforcing pre- and post-conditions as well as class invariants (among other things). Look at Eiffel or Spec# for details on DBC.

9/6/2007 10:41 AM | Jason Bock

# re: Interface based Development

Thanks Jason for setting me straight. I guess I got hung on the words design and contract and misunderstood the concept itself a little. I had read about DBC in The Pragmatic Programmer and went back after reading your post and brushed it up a little. It is more about contracting behaviors and the concept of contracts I am thinking of is designing contracts between code using interfaces that guarantee methods and signatures. So to make it short, designing contracts that are not behaviors but code infrastructure. And that really isn't DBC. :D
9/6/2007 3:01 PM | Robz
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