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DevConnections - ASP.NET & VS Keynote - Scott Guthrie

Scott Guthrie gave a great keynote this morning.  As is turns out VS 2008 is almost complete and we are not getting a copy here at the conference.  We will get one mailed to us however after they release it.  Which means we will not really be one of the first to get it.  :(


Visual Studio 2008 - Of course this is going to be able to be used immediately by us due to the fact that you can target .NET Framework 2.0.  That means we can just install and continue developing the same applications with AJAX integration and JavaScript debugging support immediately.  Then we can upgrade the application immediately by changing the target.  I wonder if we can downgrade as well? That is something I will have to try once I get the bits.  I am pretty much going to install this one immediately.  Did I mention the HTML designer is now like Dreamweaver with the split screen?  Oh yeah, and you can just click on a section in the HTML and it takes you to it in the view as well.  How long ago did Dreamweaver have support for that? 'Bout time, Microsoft. :D  Did I mention the new CSS support? You can click on any element and see what is being applied to a particular section.  You can also see what parts of your CSS are being used and where.


VS2008 Shell Integration - One of the speakers came up and showed us an integration for building add-ins for World of Warcraft.  The coolest thing about this is the intellisense available in a non-MS language.  WoW uses a scripting language called "LUA."  That was definitely cool.


Top Banana - This is not released yet, but there are demos out there.  Google it.  Seriously. :D


Microsoft Popfly - This lets you build mashups of different things that are now available and when you are done, you have created a Silverlight application that you can include in your website.  That is pretty cool and allows for hobbyists to immediately be able to do RIA applications.

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