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BlogSeries: What if You Could Define Your Work Environment?

Over the next month or two I will be blogging about a topic that is likely to make you think.  If I were to ask you what your perfect work environment was, what would you say?

I would like you to think about the people you work with. If you could work with anyone you wanted to and have your boss be anyone you wanted, who would it be (or you could be the boss)?

I would like you to think about programming languages. Would you pick just one or would you like to leave the door open to whatever best fit the need at the moment?  What would be best for maintenance or for bringing new developers in?

I would like you to think about methodologies.  Would you be a flavor of agile, waterfall, or something else?  Would you again pick one or a series of items?  Would you use a Test Driven approach?

I would like you to think about patterns.  Pick the best patterns and practices and you can only pick three. What would they be?  How would you integrate applications?

I would like you to think about your office itself. What would your physical work environment look like?

I would like you to think about your tools.  If you could pick what tools you wanted to use, what would you use? What kind of source control? What kind of build automation tool? Continuous Integration?  If you could start over, what would get you there the fastest?

I would like you to think about the physical and logical network.  What servers would you need and where would they be?  Would you use a domain?


Like I said, over the course of the next month, I will be addressing what I believe are the best things for me at this current time.  My list will be different from your list.  I will encourage you to make your own list and feel free to address as many of these topics as you want or make up your own.

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# re: BlogSeries: What if You Could Define Your Work Environment?

Easy one:

Agile (Scrum)
Office over looking the ocean :-)

If I could start over, I wouldn't have cheaped out on open source before switching to a real set of tools.
12/4/2007 9:21 PM | Mark
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