What is Your Alt.NET?

Passion.  I love what I do and I get very passionate about it.  I love to argue about the best way to go about architecting a system, learn things from others and teach others about the ways of the pragmatic developer.  I love being surrounded by people who are very logical and can design whole systems in their heads (not that they do because that can be error prone) and see bugs before they even write a piece of code. 

 I like it when people can go from high level to very technically deep, like up to your chin in technical details and then all the way back up to the high level again.  I call it the technical rollercoaster and it's amazing.  I love it when people can sit down and talk about refactoring and patterns and review real code and make it better.


Passion. That is my Alt.NET. 

What's yours?

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