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The Troyism is a comment that is zany, off the wall, and completely unexpected!  It makes you think and entertains you at the same time.  Sometimes it only makes sense in the context that it is presented in.  Many times these are comparisons or analogies.  Sometimes they are a new word.  Today the Troyism that you will see is the comparison.

I have a friend at work that comes up with some great comparisons that we have come to know as Troyisms.  As you can guess, his name is Troy.  Troy is a great guy and a great technical lead at the place I work.  Some of the things we have heard him say before have had us in awe, fits of laughter, or both! Recently I asked him if I could blog about this and I am delighted to present you with the Troyism.

When it comes to a handy tool like SSIS, there's a Troyism:

Giving a .NET developer a tool like SSIS is like making Evil Knievel jump a row of buses with a donkey.

SSIS is not everyone's favorite tool.  We did some research that Troy led and he had quite a few things to say about it.  The point that was driven home is that some tools can hinder you instead of help you out.

Agile development has something known as a stand up.  It is a short 15 minute meeting where everyone stands up and gathers in some form of a circle.  During the meeting you answer three questions:

  1. What did I do yesterday (what are my wins)?
  2. What am I am planning on doing today (where is my focus now)?
  3. What are my roadblocks (getting in my way)?


You are invited to be very honest during standups.  Sometimes this honesty gives the appearance that all is not going well.  People like to talk about the hard things that they faced and how they got past them. The observers (those not directly involved in the project) sometimes get the wrong impression about whether a project is on track or not.  They don't always hear the getting past the problems part.  I tend to think that standups are a place to be very candid and Troy agrees.  We invite some of these observers in to watch our standups.  The Troyism:

Standups are kind of like making sausage.  If I invite you in to watch sausage being made, don't complain that it is gross!

Some other Troyisms:

Our team navigating a firewall is like Steve McQueen on a motorbike (The Great Escape).

A null is to a zero as a blackhole is to a star.

Star Trek is not about geeky things. It’s more like Little House on the Prairie than The Matrix.

Stored procedures are always around and hard to get rid of, kind of like cats.

There are many other Troyisms that I have had the pleasure of hearing over the past couple of years.  Hopefully I can find those and all of the ones to come and include them in future posts.


Update: Troy sent me a more accurate version of his quotes.  Working from memory doesn't always produce accurate results.

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