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What Music Do I Listen to While Coding?

I was recently tagged by Russ, The Caffeinated Coder, to talk about  music I listen to while coding.

First of all, I have to say I really like music. In fact, I love it.  Many things in music have helped carry me through life and some of the hard times I have seen. Like Russ, I have slowed down a little on listening to music as I have moved into a Team Lead position.  My environment is very open, so you can imagine the cubicle noise is always there.  My team is four developers, two BA/QA's, and  a project manager. You can imagine the noise that happens in what we lovingly refer to as "The Pit." :D

When I program I like to listen to just about anything that gets my adrenaline pumping. Sometimes I like to listen to Jazz too, but Russ took his collection with him when he left so I don't really have much of that anymore. 

So what gets my adrenaline pumping? I lovingly refer to that kind of music as "Angry White Man Music."  It is hard rock with peppered with screaming and awesome guitar riffs.  The likes of Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Staind, Three Days Grace, Filter, Korn, Tool, Nirvana, Green Day, NiN, etc, really get me pumped up. I like it because it helps me drown everything out and do the one thing that I love most in this world, creating things.  In this case, hacking/coding.  The same music that I code with is the same music I workout to.

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# re: What Music Do I Listen to While Coding?

Angry white man music...I like it. :-)

Actually, I like almost all of those groups but am lacking a few key ones every since the majority of my collection was deleted by the networks group at the bank.

I was trying to free up space to install VS 2008 and had to temporarily move my mp3's to my network home drive at the bank one day. I got busy and left them there over night. The next day they were gone because they had just instituted the auto deletion of all music from network home drives.

It was very tramautic for me...:-)
3/11/2008 1:52 PM | Russell Ball

# re: What Music Do I Listen to While Coding?

js bach, or trance / house.
7/25/2008 2:57 PM | linux guy
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