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Weddings and High School

I worked sitting right next to a guy named Chris Stein for 2 years here in Topeka, KS.  He had an interesting sense of humor, was really thin, and smokes.  He left the company nearly a year ago, but we still remain friends. 

A few months ago I was reminded of one of my high school teachers named Mr. Stein.  Mind you, I went to high school in a very small town about 200 miles from where I live and work now.  It was worlds ago (and a different life) for me.  I started thinking about his name and wondered if there was any connection to my friend Chris. Why? Well Mr. Stein smoked quite a bit and was also really thin.  He had a very dry sense of humor.  He was the type that would run around the track with a cigarette in his mouth. I don't mean that metaphorically either.  I actually remember him doing that. :D

Then I forgot all about the possible connection and don't remember if I ever asked Chris or not. Besides, Chris grew up in a different state during some of his younger years.  Sometimes people remind you of other people you have known before but they have no connection.

Fast forward to last night.  Last night I attended Chris's wedding.  At the reception, I am standing there talking to some mutual friends and in walks Mr. Stein, my high school teacher.  It turns out Chris is his nephew! The idea of it is wild to me, and I am still feeling a little strange about this today. Sometimes the world is such a small place.  I wonder how many other people I could draw connections to from different areas and chapters of my life?  Have you had anything like this happen?  How did you feel about the experience?

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# re: Weddings and High School

I liked Mr. Stein. Good guy.
6/22/2008 3:16 PM | Richard

# re: Weddings and High School

Me too. Of course I understood and enjoyed his sense of humor.
6/22/2008 3:42 PM | Robz

# re: Weddings and High School

OMG.....I really liked Mr. Stein...I thought he was awesome...I have a scrapbook that I done on all the photos I have from high school...and one of those photo is of Mr. Stein and I think Wes McRoberts if I am correct....It was the last day of school and we were all writing on the chalk board in his room...I can't remember now what the conversation was about, but everyone in the photo was busting up laughing...and we also had a forgein exchange boy in our class at that time....and I can't recall his name right now....That is soooo weird...Thanks for sharing....Tessa
6/22/2008 7:18 PM | Tessa

# re: Weddings and High School

Might have been Lennart Hildebrand?
6/22/2008 8:18 PM | Robz

# re: Weddings and High School

Dude thats frickin crazy. Mr. Stein was a riot.
6/23/2008 10:12 AM | Robb Gossen

# re: Weddings and High School

That's really weird. But you know, I run into people like that more than I care to admit. It's a small world and the Army even smaller...more like a fish bowl, in fact. I was at Fort Riley last week and ran into people I had totally forgotten about, but was thrilled to see.
6/29/2008 2:52 PM | Emily

# re: Weddings and High School

Hey Rob,
how are you? interesting to find my name on your forum by searching it via google ;-) Don't know if I was the guy mentioned above, there was also this Russian guy, Lev Kachurov (or something like that).

Greeting from Heidelberg

11/6/2008 10:56 AM | Lennart Hildebrand

# re: Weddings and High School

@Lennart: I remember him as well. :D
11/9/2008 12:49 PM | Robz
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