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Subversion 1.5.0 Released


Subversion (SVN) just released version 1.5.0 recently on June 18, 2008.  With it comes bug fixes and boosts in performance. It is highly recommended that you reference the release notes, and pay attention to merge tracking:

Merge tracking means Subversion keeps track of what changes have been merged where. This reduces the overhead involved in maintaining branches, and gives users a way to inquire what changes are merged — or are available to be merged — on different lines of development.

VisualSVN  responded by releasing VisualSVN Server version 1.5 on June 19, which adds easy configuration of Windows Authentication (and support for windows groups) in addition to some other great new features.  Download here.

TortoiseSVN, one of the most popular clients for Windows,  just released version 1.5 on June 21. Download 32 bit edition here and 64 bit here.

VisualSVN also released their popular Visual Studio Integrated Client VisualSVN on June 21. Visual SVN is not free (unless you qualify), but well worth the nominal fee of $49 per seat.  You must have TortoiseSVN installed (not sure if that means only the 32bit version or not). Download VisualSVN here.

New to SVN?

If you are new to SVN, you need both a server and a client tool installed.  Jeff Atwood has an excellent post on how to set up Subversion on Windows.  I prefer to use an easy to configure server that gives you the option to use the command line as well. Thus, I use VisualSVN Server. I use TortoiseSVN on the client side. I am trying out VisualSVN (VS integration) to see if I like it as well. 

With open source, you can easily get analysis paralysis because there are sometimes so many options.  So let me make it easy for you. Download VisualSVN Server and TortoiseSVN.  You can have VisualSVN Server installed and ready to go in less than ten minutes.  It has a great interface and can get you to DONE very fast. TortoiseSVN is a great tool for client side working with SVN.  If you need the Visual Studio integration, then get VisualSVN as well.

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