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Happy Birthday Randy!

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Print | posted on Saturday, August 23, 2008 5:59 PM | Filed Under [ Personal ]



# re: Happy Birthday Randy!

A couple notes: It takes less than 400 feet of aluminum foil. It also takes less than 3 hours to implement.
8/23/2008 6:49 PM | Robz

# re: Happy Birthday Randy!

Well done!

You didn't twist his phone cord before foiling it, did you?
8/23/2008 10:04 PM | Russell Ball

# re: Happy Birthday Randy!

@Russell: I didn't do the phone cord. I did the desk, most of the phone, the monitors, the keyboard, and most of the other cords. And the streamers. We thought about purple, but it was his brithday. ;D

One of my favorites was the fan. It is a detachable fan, and we detached it to show people that is was foiled and could come off.

We sent the email to everyone saying we got him a Shiny New Desk for his birthday!
8/24/2008 12:08 AM | Robz

# re: Happy Birthday Randy!

Curses! Foiled again!

8/24/2008 12:18 AM | Dewayne Christensen

# re: Happy Birthday Randy!

Very nicely played! I'm glad there are pics from when he saw it!
8/24/2008 5:06 PM | Tami

# re: Happy Birthday Randy!

@Tami: It made for a late night and a very early morning. It was worth it though! :D
8/24/2008 5:21 PM | Robz
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