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Defining MSBuild And NAnt Tasks Together in the SAME Class

I haven't seen ANYONE talk about putting MSBuild together with NAnt.  To me, writing two separate classes (one for MSBuild and one for NAnt) is repetition. There may be a reason to keep them separate (and that might have to do with keeping other required assemblies around, i.e. NAnt.Core.dll when just wanting MSBuild), but I have not found a really good reason yet to separate them. If someone does, please let me know.

I just made the two play nice together in my last post.

Print | posted on Sunday, September 21, 2008 5:23 AM | Filed Under [ Code ]



# re: Defining MSBuild And NAnt Tasks Together in the SAME Class

I found one article! http://blogs.msdn.com/jeffcal/archive/2004/05/04/125872.aspx
9/23/2008 8:27 PM | Robz
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