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Nothin but .NET Developer Boot Camp - Day One EOD Update

Today I learned I have a lot to learn! Patterns, Delegates, Lambdas, PSake, Extension Methods, etc, etc, etc.

Photo credit to Hikako.

headSo far we have went through patterns and principles.  Ones that come to mind are the Strategy Pattern, Static Gateway Pattern, Decorators, and Specification Pattern. We also got into SRP (single responsibility principle), OCP (open closed principle), Composition over Inheritance, BDD (behavior driven design), DDD (domain driven design), and then we talked a little about MVP (Model View Presenter). I feel like a sponge!

We also got a sink or swim introduction to Lambdas (UPDATE: I got a sink or swim introduction. The course states strong C# skills already which would include .NET 3.5 knowledge and experience.) which brings a pretty good knowledge of anonymous delegates.  I haven't fully grokked Lambdas yet, but I am getting there.  We also got right into Extension methods which I am comfortable with. And we have been to the walls with Generics. :D

Another awesome thing we got right into today was PSake. It is an automated build tool that uses PowerShell.  It's a compelling alternative to NAnt, but can be used hand in hand with NAnt.

If you come to training, doing the homework helps! I did the homework, and I still felt overwhelmed today. It's quite a bit of hands on work with a lot of open-ended time to complete assigned tasks. :D

So far, definitely worth it!

Oh yeah, and class was from 8:30AM to 11:20PM.

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