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Nothin but .NET Developer Boot Camp - Wrap up

Over the past few days I have been honored to be at the Nothin but .NET Developer Boot Camp in Philadelphia, PA. I have also been posting updates every day.

A few people have asked me if this course is worth it.  I would say if you want to be passionate about what you do (or if you already are), then the answer is a resounding YES!!

The sheer amount of benefit you get from knowledge and participation, you may feel like you are a bandit making out with only having had to pay the extremely reasonable price of the course! To say that this course is great belies the fact that it can forever change your life!  There are certain times in our lives when people of great influence come into focus and we have a chance to learn from them. This course is one of those chances.  JP Boodhoo is one of those people. He is not only a great influence, but also tremendously motivational! I am humbled by the fact that he was humble and learned from people at the course in addition to his approach to teaching.

JP also mentioned that some people come to this course and realize that software development is not for them.  They go out and find what makes them happy or passionate and start doing that after taking this course. I was a little bit fearful of taking this course because of that and because I knew it would get me out of my comfort zone. I had a choice to go to the DevConnections conference where I would be able to sit back and learn at a different pace, OR come to Nothin but .NET and really stretch my mind and physical stamina and actually get better at what I do.  And I have to tell you, for a moment, I actually thought about going to DevConnections.  The more I thought about it, I knew I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and have my world rocked again. 

If you are faced with the same dilemma, my hope is that you will make the decision to come to JP's training.  There is really nothing else like it out there so I can't compare it to anything. The days sound like they are long, with over 80 hours of training, but the time will seem short. You will form bonds with those around you and you will learn so much, and not just from JP either. You will be a better programmer by leaps and bounds at the end of the week if you apply yourself and take the training to heart! You will be having so much fun that you won't want the week to end!

Coming away from this course, I find that you learn the most if you do what I did. No matter how much you know, be prepared to learn (and check your ego at the door as well). I found out (once again) how little I really know in the realm of software development. I am forever a student in the art, thanks in part to people like Dru and JP, who challenge me to think and find new alternative solutions to problems.

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# re: Nothin but .NET Developer Boot Camp - Wrap up

Another post about the training from Al:
11/24/2008 12:43 AM | Robz

# re: Nothin but .NET Developer Boot Camp - Wrap up

Hi Rob,

Great recap! Any chance you will post your solution so that we could see it?

11/24/2008 11:18 AM | Keith Rull

# re: Nothin but .NET Developer Boot Camp - Wrap up

@Keith: It's likely I will post our version somewhere if ours is not picked by JP to go into the code repository (which you can download).
11/25/2008 7:30 PM | Robz

# re: Nothin but .NET Developer Boot Camp - Wrap up

Rob is a machine, staying up til 4:30am and not sleeping until JP runs him off. I saw him get some shuteye on the plane but he probably won't admit to it ;) The training was awesome, great blog posts Rob, gives me a good recap to think back on the week.
12/1/2008 4:57 PM | Ryan
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