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The Tarantino Project and MSBuild

One feature I wanted to see in Tarantino is the ability to use either NAnt or MSBuild.  So I sent in a patch to add MSBuild. If you want to be able to use MSBuild 2.0 with Tarantino, just apply the patch and rebuild. :D

I've also included the patch with this post.

Tarantino MSBuild Patch


Update: I noticed that patches do not include binary files.  In the lib\MSBuild folder, these are what need to be added.

  • log4net.dll
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.BatchParser.dll
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo.dll
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.dll
  • Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo.dll
  • NAnt.Core.dll (yes, it does need to be there :) )
  • Nhibernate.dll
  • StructureMap.dll
  • Tarantino.Core.dll
  • Tarantino.DatabaseManager.Tasks.dll
  • Tarantino.Infrastructure.dll

You can copy those from the lib\NAnt folder.

Print | posted on Monday, March 23, 2009 10:52 PM | Filed Under [ Code ]



# re: The Tarantino Project and MSBuild

This patch is outdated, please see the link for the updated patch
3/24/2009 8:03 AM | Robz

# It works!

Hey ferventcoder,

Just wanted to thank you for your MSBuild patch - it works for me!

Thanks very much!

6/2/2009 4:53 PM | AndyS
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