UppercuT - Automated Builds - Getting Started Part 4 (External Libraries / Tools)

In Part 1 we downloaded or built from source control. In Part 2 we added UppercuT to our project. In Part 3 we set up the UppercuT configuration. This is a small update into where you keep your external references.  If you keep them where UppercuT defaults to, you can skip this step.


External Libraries/Tools

It’s important to note that not everyone keeps their references to external libraries (lib) in the same location in source control. That’s fine, but it requires a little additional work. In the configuration, you will want to edit where to find the tools UppercuT references.

1. If you are not using the same location for any item that UppercuT references in the lib folder, you will want to update the locations of those items.

2. Open UppercuT.config in your favorite editor and scroll to the bottom. Three items here are pointing to lib\tools and lib\references (based on a relative path from the BuildScripts\analyzers folder).



3. Update those locations to where you put the items.

4. Notice if you are using NUnit, there is a line commented out. You can comment out the MbUnit line and uncomment the NUnit line.

5. The most important change is the reference location of NAnt in all of the .bat files. Right click on each of them and select [Edit] or open them in your favorite editor.


 6. Find the reference to nant.exe. This location is from where the bat file currently sits. Leave %DIR% on the left and update the reference location to NAnt.


7. The test.bat file has 3 places to change. Make sure you change all of them.


8. Close those files.

UppercuT - Getting Started Series

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With this knowledge you shall build.

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