UppercuT - Automated Builds - Getting Started Part 5 (Build IT!)


In Part 1 we downloaded or built from source control. In Part 2 we added UppercuT to our project. In Part 3 we set up the UppercuT configuration. In Part 4 we updated our reference folders if we needed to. Now we are ready to build. Let's UppercuT our code!


BUILD IT! What You’ve Been Waiting For


1. Open a command line in the current folder. There is an excellent tool called StExBar that will allow you to do this by pressing {Control} + {M}.


2. Type build. Press {Enter}.

3. Now watch UppercuT in action.



5. If your build succeeds, it’s time to check it in!

UppercuT - Getting Started Series

Part 0 - Prerequisites
Part 1 - Get UppercuT
Part 2 - Add UppercuT to your project
Part 3 - Configure UppercuT.config
Part 4 - A note about the external tools / libraries
Part 5 - Build It!
Part 6 - Source Control / What NOT to check in
Part 7 - Setting up TortoiseSVN to Globally ignore UppercuT output folders and files
Part 8 - Next Steps

With this knowledge you shall build.

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