UppercuT - Automated Builds - Getting Started Part 7 (TortoiseSVN Global Ignore List)

In Part 1 we downloaded or built from source control. In Part 2 we added UppercuT to our project. In Part 3 we set up the UppercuT configuration. In Part 4 we updated our reference folders if we needed to. In Part 5 we built our code successfully. In Part 6, we checked into source control. This is a recommendation on automatically ignoring folders for SVN.

TortoiseSVN Global Ignore List

Because TortoiseSVN is the most commonly used client, it’s worth mentioning the Global Ignore list. You benefit when using it because you don’t have to manually exclude those files/folders that UppercuT creates.

1. Right click on anything in explorer. Select [TortoiseSVN]->[Settings].


2. On the General tab, in the Subversion section, you will find {Global ignore pattern:}.


3. Add *\build_output *\build_output\* *\code_drop *\code_drop\* SolutionVersion.cs SolutionVersion.vb to it.

4. Click {Apply}. Click {OK}.

5. This is the full ignore pattern:

*.suo *\bin *\obj *\bin\* *\obj\* *.resharper *.user _ReSharper* *.cache *.log *.vspscc *.vssscc *\build_output *\build_output\* *\code_drop *\code_drop\* SolutionVersion.cs SolutionVersion.vb

UppercuT - Getting Started Series

Part 0 - Prerequisites
Part 1 - Get UppercuT
Part 2 - Add UppercuT to your project
Part 3 - Configure UppercuT.config
Part 4 - A note about the external tools / libraries
Part 5 - Build It!
Part 6 - Source Control / What NOT to check in
Part 7 - Setting up TortoiseSVN to Globally ignore UppercuT output folders and files
Part 8 - Next Steps

With this knowledge you shall build.

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