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I'm happy to announce that UppercuT now has test category filters.  The NUnit Task had them by default. To get categories added to MbUnit Task, I had to go back to the source code and add them. I followed the same format that NAnt-Extensions used:

    <exclude name="${dirs.build}\*Database*dll" />
    <exclude name="${dirs.build}\*.Integration*dll" />
    <exclude name="${dirs.build}\TestFu.dll" />
    <include name="${dirs.build}\*Test*dll" />
    <include name="${dirs.build}\*.Specs*dll" />
    <exclude name="Database" />
    <exclude name="Integration" />
    <exclude name="Slow" />
    <exclude name="NotWorking" />
    <exclude name="Ignore" />
    <exclude name="database" />
    <exclude name="integration" />
    <exclude name="slow" />
    <exclude name="notworking" />
    <exclude name="ignore" />

That has been added in Revision 111. Keep in mind when you get the latest version, you will need to replace MbUnit.Tasks.dll in your NAnt folder as well.

With this knowledge you shall build.


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