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I manage several open source projects. Need...
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Integrating UppercuT with TeamCity is actually very easy. We will go through the steps to set up and run a build. Let's start with Creating a project.

Create A Project

1. Log into TeamCity.

2. Go to Administration.


3. Click on create project.


4. Type a name for your project. Try to use an identifying name. In our example, we are using Bombali. We also add a nice description about the project. Choose what is most appropriate for you.


5. Click {Create}.


Next we will create a Build Configuration.

UppercuT - TeamCity Integration Series

  1. Part 0 - Prerequisites
  2. Part 1 - Set up TeamCity Project
  3. Part 2 - Build Configuration
  4. Part 3 - Run the Build
  5. Part 4 - Code Drop / Artifacts

With this knowledge, you shall build.


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