UppercuT - TeamCity Integration - Part 3 (Run the Build)

In Part 1 we create a project. In Part 2 we set up the Build Configuration. This time we will Run the build.


Run the Build Project

1. Click on Projects.


2. You can see that the new project has not run before due to the question mark.



3. Let’s kick it off. Click {Run |…}.


4. The page refreshes automatically to show that we are running.


5. NOTE: The first build may fail due to folder cleaning that is happening at the same time. You will see a note in the build log that it is deleting items at the same time it is trying to build. If this happens, just click on {Run |…} again.


6. We can follow along with what’s happening by clicking on the down arrow next to the status and clicking on [Full log].


7. We have a successful build.



Next time we will talk about the code drop / artifacts.

 UppercuT - TeamCity Integration Series

  1. Part 0 - Prerequisites
  2. Part 1 - Set up TeamCity Project
  3. Part 2 - Build Configuration
  4. Part 3 - Run the Build
  5. Part 4 - Code Drop / Artifacts

With this knowledge, you shall build.

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