UppercuT - TeamCity Integration - Part 4 (Code Drop / Artifacts of the Build)

In Part 1 we create a project. In Part 2 we set up the Build Configuration. In Part 3 we ran the build. Now we are just going to note how we get to our code.


Code Drop / Artifacts

TeamCity stores all artifacts in a database. So for every build, the drop location is not a physical disk location, it’s actually in a database.


This is why we called zip.bat instead of build.bat. We have to download the items from TeamCity and want to just download the one file. If we download that file and unzip it, we can see that the DLLs were versioned correctly.



 UppercuT - TeamCity Integration Series

  1. Part 0 - Prerequisites
  2. Part 1 - Set up TeamCity Project
  3. Part 2 - Build Configuration
  4. Part 3 - Run the Build
  5. Part 4 - Code Drop / Artifacts

With this knowledge you shall build.

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