Adding PowerShell to StExBar

I’m a huge fan of StExBar. I posted about it awhile back and have since found more reasons to think this is a must have tool! It’s got an ability to give you great shortcuts at your keyboard finger tips. How often have you been like “I need a command window here” and then went through a bunch of trouble to get it there? How about {Control} + {M}? BAM! Command Window opened and pointed to that directory.

I’ve been starting to use PowerShell more and I thought…hmmm – I could add PowerShell to this and type something like {Control}+{O} and have it pop up in the same way I get a command line.

Add PowerShell Hotkey to StExBar

1. Open StExBar Settings and then click {Add}.


2. Enter “Powershell” in the [Name:] box. In [Command line:] enter the path to PowerShell. Mine was “C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe”. In [Hotkey:] enter {Ctrl}+{O} or whatever combination you want to use. Click {OK}.


3. Now hit {Ctrl}+{O} or whatever hotkey you used. BAM! It opens up pointed to the current directory.


Check out what it looks like on the command bar.


That’s awesome!

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by mac at 11/21/2009 7:15 AM

You can also type in the Run box "powershell" (with out quotes) and then press Enter.

Helpful topic. Thanks
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