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2010 and Forevah

Today marks the beginning of a new year. For many of us that means new resolutions like losing weight or quitting smoking. I tend not to focus on resolutions because I am horrible about keeping them. I usually set goals instead of making resolutions. And when I do set goals I intend for them to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed).  I’ve found that having goals that are measurable and realistic within a given time frame help me focus on how I want to get there from where I am currently. In doing so I tend to set goals like “Lose 5 pounds in 3 weeks” versus the more general “Lose weight.” Measurable goals with a time limit give you a focus on a deadline.

So, in keeping with the spirit of the new year, let’s raise our glasses and toast each other on our SMART goals (or DUMB goals) for the upcoming year. Here, here!

Here are a few of my stated goals:

  • Read five books this year (on anything, just read five books).
  • Release UppercuT v1 by the end of June.
  • Make a for fee product and have that solves a problem for many people by the end of the year. This means the product should be available for purchase and have support.
  • Speak at least 3 times this year on topics I and others find interesting.
  • Learn 2-3 new things a month, if not at least 1 new thing a day.
  • Be awarded MVP by the end of the year for my contributions to the community through OSS and teaching others. I realize this goal is requires outside influence, so I’ll say that if I make every effort to help and contribute to the community, then that is where I measure the achievement.


Tim has already talked about his goals for the year. What are your SMART goals (links to posts are okay) for this year?

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