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DevConnections - I've just been Haacked!

I was wondering around in the DevConnections exhibitor area and Phil Haack and his camera guy came by and interviewed me.  He asked me a few questions about the conference.  This is my second time at DevConnections and it keeps getting better every time I come.  For instance, Phil asked what my favorite session was so far and without skipping a beat I said "MVC."  In my last post I mentioned that I have been waiting to see a presentation on MVC and when I heard they were having one here, I made sure that I attended that session.  The speakers, Scott Hanselman and Eilon Lipton played very well off of each other.


I think I threw Phil off for a minute with my answer (because he is the new PM for MVC Framework), but I really did mean it.  I have been interesting in seeing Microsoft's answer to something that has been lacking in ASP.NET since it's inception.  Now there is a way to do MVC today with WWF, but I don't think I would recommend it.  I should have elaborated a little more, but you always think of things you should have said later.  It's not always easy to be eloquent when you are off the cuff.


My second favorite presentation is one that I will be blogging about later.  It has to do with Microsoft and Open Source.


Thanks Phil.  I appreciate the opportunity and maybe next time I can be more eloquent. :D

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# re: DevConnections - I've just been Haacked!

You did fine! :) Besides, most likely, only a small portion will be used in the final video. The part that makes you sound real smart. ;)
11/8/2007 4:50 PM | Haacked

# re: DevConnections - I've just been Haacked!

Thanks Phil. I was actually looking for articulate. :D
11/9/2007 4:20 PM | Robz
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