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DevConnections - MVC Framework for ASP.NET

This was my first chance to see the MVC (model view controller) Framework as when I was at Tulsa TechFest, I was presenting at the same time and didn't get to see Palermo's version of it.  I was blown away by Scott Hanselman's great presentation skills.  He is definitely a great speaker.  Phil Haack was also in the audience (the new PM for the MVC Framework).  I am really excited about seeing this come out.  Like Monorail, you can also plug in Brail or NVelocity as well as the default.  Being able to have options is what I believe Microsoft keeps doing right lately. 

One thing that Scott pointed out more than once so I took note: MVC is not Web Forms 4.0.  It is an alternative framework to ASP.NET Web Forms. 

So what is MVC? The asp.net (or other forms) are the view or presentation.  The information or domain specific stuff is the model, and the view is displayed based on the controller, which handles taking items based on the model and giving it to the view. The controller has knowledge of both the view and the model.  It basically responds to events and hands changes off to the model.  It creates a great separation of concerns because each page is only concerned about a specific task or action.  The other pages do not need to know about each other, they just link to actions.  The controller handles mapping the actions to actual pages.

I really like that I saw you can plug in your own components as I watched Microsoft employees using Castle Windsor for IoC and Rhino Mocks for TDD. 

It was funny that Scott asked out into the audience about who was using TDD and hands went up.  Then he asked who was really using TDD, and all hands dropped except one.

Phil just did a great post on some of what they talked about here.  MVC + Rhino.Mocks.  Done.


UPDATE:  Scott posted about the presentation here.

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