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From Zero To Deployed Contest–Winner Announced PLUS Extension To Most Creative

appharborRecently we had a contest to see who could beat my time to get from no code to deployed. Thanks to everyone that participated and everyone that thought about participating in the contest.

Most Creative From Zero To Deployed Contest Extended!

Unfortunately there were not enough entries to award the most creative video for ZtD. So what we are doing is extending the most creative until May 15, 2011 @ 11:59 PM CST.  This gives you almost two months to get your videos in! If you entered before, you are allowed to re-enter for the most creative (even if you won the first contest).There is no minimum number of entries this time around either. Refresh yourself of the rules/prizes from the last post and get coding!

And The Winner Is…

I want to thank those that participated. It takes a lot to code against the clock, and even more to capture it on video and put it up for the world to see. Those two factors alone helped me realize I wouldn’t get a lot of entries and I’m excited that at least two people jumped in with submissions! Cool points to all participants.

As long as the rules were followed, the person with the best time would win. And that person would win $2348 worth of prizes! To recap the prizes:

  • $50 Gift Card (provided by me)
  • $100 service credit for AppHarbor (provided by AppHarbor)
  • Full personal license of ReSharper (provided by Jet Brains)
  • Telerik Ultimate Collection for .NET (provided by Telerik)

And the winner is James Pogran with a time of 5:50! Congratulations man! Be sure to give him a shout out on twitter!

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